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So... these fine Chinese characters spell out William. The upper character is Wei and signifies Power. The lower character is Lian and means Honest and Clean.

Get some Chinese grafix at http://zhongwen.com/qianming.htm

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Certifications and Hooey

I grew up in California.... I don't surf or say gnarly dude but you might get a dude out of me occasionally.

I'm basically a super-geek.... I sit around ALL day using computers in my work and personal life! I have a Pentium Pro 200 with 64 meg of ram, 17 gig hard drive, 21 inch monitor, scanner, slide scanner, jaz drive, cd burner, and it's connected to the net via a cable modem! I've got a video card that lets me watch/capture tv right on the computer and I have cable and a vcr plugged into it... so I don't have to get off the computer to watch The Jerry Springer show or Southpark! In addition to that computer, I have a few others... check them out here.

I run Apache webserver on my computer for your viewing pleasure.... this website is in my bedroom, hence the name billzhouse.com!

You're not going to find out too much about me here.... but you will be able to find out a little about what I really enjoy doing.... like you couldn't find out by looking at the rest of my site!

I used to work as a Professional Services Systems Consultant for Winstar doing web design, LAN and WAN design and installation, network administration, pc setup and troubleshooting, and so much more, but I'm done with them, as is everyone else I worked with, due to layoffs and bankruptcy.


Renaissance Faire - Check out my Ren-Faire page, The Shire

Computers... duh!

Indoor Rock Climbing I love it... although I'm not that good....

Music I play guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, recorder, and harmonica.... I also own and attempt to play the flute and saxaphone!

Instead of putting my resume up here for all to see, I'm just going to list my skills.... if you have questions about anything, feel free to e-mail me. I will answer most e-mails.... but I'm very busy, so if I don't get back to you right away cut me some slack!

  • Network administration on Windows NT 3.51/4.0 and Novell 3.11/3.12
  • Network engineering and design for LAN's and WAN
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting on PC's
  • Web design and coding... I code 99% of my websites using a text editor!
  • Apache web server setup and configuration
  • Serv-U FTP server setup, configuration, and administration

Skilled with the following software packages:

Windows 3.x/95/98 and Windows NT 3.51/4.0, MS SQL 6.5/7.0, MS IIS 4.0, MS Tranaction Server, MS Index Server, MS Office 95/97, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Mail, Outlook, Absolute FTP, Cute FTP, Backup Exec, Netobjects Fusion 2.0/3.0, Frontpage 98, Home Site, Adobe Photoshop, and much more.

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