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I use a mailserver with spam protection that utilizes spamcop, ordb, and some of the other spam databases. Hence, now I can recieve mail from any domain (unless you're a spammer). If you work for Fry's and wish to send me hate mail just fuck off... your store sucks, get over it.

I can be reached at justabill at billzhouse.com

I'm on AOLIM as Bill Mihan (rarely on)

IRC: you can find me on efnet as JustaBill all the time... that's right, 24/7/365... if I'm awake, I'm there :)


  1. I emailed you and you haven't emailed me back... what the fuck is your problem?
    Well, I typically email everybody back, so if you haven't recieved a response I probably didn't get your email. Try again or sign onto IRC and msg me.

  2. Your site sucks.
    That's not a question you dimwitted moron.

  3. Your site rocks!
    That's not a question either, but thank you :)

  4. Are you some kind of fucking moron?
    Mensa doesn't think so...

  5. What languages are you fluent in?
    English... I also speak some German, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Don't know what IRC is... go here: efnet.org
~~~ or if you really can't figure it out, goto www.billzhouse.com/chat and use my preconfigured client.

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