Defcon 8 Caravan

Planning to go to Defcon is like planning a hurricaine... doesn't really matter what you plan, cause nothing about it will be the way you expected. Defcon 8 was no exception. I didn't really plan this year, aside from planning to drive in the caravan.

The Caravan of Geeks

For me, it started at McDonalds off the Santa Rita exit in Pleasanton. Mojo, Canis, and I arrived at 3:15 to await the arrival of what we thought would be five cars. Boy were we wrong! We had nine cars leave from the final departure point of the bay area caravan. On our drive down, JonM and his wife Jiji took point with the iquana in the back window to watch for stray overpasses and such.

We made very good time down to our first rendevous point in (bakersfield?) where we met up with Garph and a few other peeps in front of the Comp-USA. It was at this point where we got our first "Deathrace 2k" points... Garph and one of the other folks in the caravan actually ran into each other in the parking lot.

Shortly thereafter, JonM ran over a small bunny that was playing chicken on the freeway.... he got the first and only points for an actual kill during the caravan. I should note here that I hit the bunny after he did, as I was following him, but since it was dead, I got no points :(

There was another couple waypoints, however, I am unable to recall where exactly they were...

The next waypoint I can recall was at the In-and-Out Burger in Barstow. This is where the bay area caravan, now up to thirteen cars, met up with the rest of the caravan. Priest gave a number of talks on caravan etiqitte and such, and then had the drivers line up into groups. I somehow weaseled my way into being team leader of group one, which meant that I got to drive at the front of the caravan, just behind the mother ship. To say that I was psched would be an understatement. As we left, boogah woke up the hampters-on-crack that power the radio station and played his first song, and I'll be damned if the bastard didn't dedicate it to me :) (thanks boog... yer the shit man). So the first song, the one he dediecated to me... get this... it was the JustaBill song!!! I laughed through the whole damn thing and it really fucking just made my caravan experience 1000 times better!

Alright, now all the people in team 1, rocked! We stayed together and didn't piss off any truckers or blackufo's. We all stopped in Baker for a 15 minute break, where we swapped orders for the caravan groups... team 4, 3, 2, 1... it was a fair cop as we already led the caravan for hours.

Rolling into Vegas

We rolled into Vegas after 4am on Friday... the lights are just amazing driving into Las Vegas at night. As soon as the caravan got near the exit for our hotel, it self-combusted. We lost *everyone* but I remembered the way there, so my stubborn ass turned the few cars that were near me around and we jammed right on over to the hotel. Oh yea, at this point, I wanna say a BIG thanks to Sinster for letting me use his radio for the caravan... dude, you are god!

Now we're at the hotel at 4-4:30 am on Friday, but me, being a cheap son-of-a-bitch, decided not to reserve the room until Friday night... so I couldn't check in until 3pm. So, I go hang by the pool with the *hardcore* crew, the guys who partied all night and slept even less than I did all weekend. Turns out, I'm sitting here talking to these bastards and el jefe and Pyr0 are in the group! We all bs'd for hours until I finally wandered off in a haze to do something.

I found Priest and he hooked me up with some goon duty... this was a very cool thing as money had become an issue this year. I worked until 1pm on Friday before taking off to check into my room and get some sleep.

Sleep, or the lack thereof

We now interupt this story to bitch about lack of sleep. I slept 3 hours Wednesday night cause I thought I'd be able to sleep in Thursday before departing for the caravan. Going to sleep at 4:30 am was a mistake as my wife got up at 7:30 and I couldn't fall back to sleep. So I got up, packed my shit (yes, last minute) and joined the caravan. Here's a small table of my sleeping this week:

Which Night?	How much	Why?
Wednesday:	3 hours		stupidity
Thursday:	0 hours		caravan
Friday:		3 hours		*somebody* needed to have sex, I couldn't fall back to sleep
Saturday:	15 minutes	people banging on the door
Sunday:		30 minutes	more fucking banging

Ok... I guess I should quit being such a bitch and get back to the con notes.

Maybe not... I think I'll just keep that con shit to myself :P

Cheers for now,

JustaBill, aka DarcElf

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