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South Park
Warning: the South Park section may contain files that are inappropriate for children. Parental discretion is advised.

The files in Themeworld were collected from around the net, you take full responsibility for any damage that may be incurred by installing them. Billzhouse made exactly none of these themes.

Virus Alert
The instructions for cleaning the CIH virus are written by Bill Mihan. Please do not duplicate or distribute without crediting me. The instructions are intended to be used by experienced computer users and by using them, you agree to take full responsibility if you mess up your computer. As all computers are different, and the software on them is different, I will not take any responsibility if you cause damage to your computer. These instructions have helped 1000's of people to clean this dangerous virus off their computers.

Ren Faire
Hrmmm... can't think of anything that would need a disclaimer, but just in case... I take no responsibilty for whatever... hehehe

Tech News
The Tech News is a service provided by 7am.com Billzhouse has nothing to do with the content provided on that page.

World News
The World News is a service provided by 7am.com Billzhouse has nothing to do with the content provided on that page.

Billz Tech Center
This section is for the technologically gifted. If you do something in this section and screw something up, deal... cause it's not my fault. Be extremely cautious with the information in this section.

Misc Stuff
No known disclaimer required for this section

Cynical Dynamics
These jokes may not be suitable for children. Parental discretion is advised.

Billz Bookstore
The books in the book store are provided as a service of Amazon.Com

The Billzhouse Timez
This section is satirical in nature... while some of the sections will be serious, you should use caution when reading articles here. All works are original and are submitted by visitors of this site. None of the articles have been confirmed as original, nor have they been checked for accuracy!

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