Take A Flying Leap!

Today I got yet another MLM flyer in the mail from a friend! It's for a MLM called Leap! He keeps bugging me to get into some MLM scam or another... I politely tell him no and that I'm not interested in any MLM, but he insists!

Well, I'm sick of being polite... I AM NOT INTERESTED IN MLM'S!

So, I have started my own MLM.... it's call Take A Flying Leap!

Here's how it works:

  1. You send me all your money
  2. You jump off the highest structure you can find (eg, bridge, house, cliff, etc.)
  3. I make lots of money and don't have a downline to deal with

This is guaranteed to be the best MLM in history! There is no maintenance to deal with... no ordering... no supplies... no phone calls... no hassles... just send me your money and go Take a flying leap!

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