You Might Be a Geek if...

  • over half of your shirts have been supplied to you by vendors

  • your first question about a new house is "how far is it from the CO?"

  • someone says closet to you and you think of switches instead of coats!

  • your idea of catching up with the news is reading SlashDot!
    Contributed by icognito

  • you laugh because your parents still use a *modem*

  • the worse possible punishment you can think of is using aol
    Contributed by icognito

  • you get violently upset when your cable modem or dsl goes down!

  • you are more upset about losing 20 minutes worth of coding than your wife wrecking the car

  • you can't get off, without the glow of a monitor in your face...
    Contributed by Sangfroid

  • you sit and make humor on irc...
    Contributed by Sangfroid

  • you are using your secure i.d. token to choose your lottery numbers...
    Contributed by Sangfroid

  • you find yourself trying to decode DTMF coming from the cellphone next to you on the train...
    Contributed by Sangfroid

  • every license plate you see while driving is a unix command and you try to correct the syntax in your mind...
    Contributed by Sangfroid

  • your idea of reading the comics is catching up on userfriendly...
    Contributed by icognito

  • the pimples on your face, help you figure out a new network architecture...
    Contributed by Sangfroid

  • windows and microsoft are swear words to you...
    Contributed by icognito

  • you learned how to type before you learned how to swim

  • you'd rather spend your Friday night playing around with Perl than partying with your friends

  • if you prefer to write all numbers, including whole one, in their pure scientific notation format.
    Contributed by Shatter

    Misc Other "You Might's"

    If you find your daily conversation including the words 'brb' 'lol' 'afaik' and 'cya', you might be a loser
    Contributed by Sangfroid

    If you compile a list of you mights, you might be a loser
    Contributed by JonM

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