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Cheat Codes
Every Littel Thing She Does Makes magic renew faster and gives all spells
Tigerlily enables level skip
Orc#, Human# (where # is the level number) skip to that level
Unite the clans Victory
You pitiful worm Defeat
Never a winner lets you play after you met the objectives
Axe and saw chop wood faster
Deck me out upgrade everythng
glittering prizes lots of gold,wood and oil
It is a good day to die One hit one kill
On screen gets ride of fog
Ucla go Bruins
Noglues Disable magic trapes
valdez gain 5000 oil
There can be only one end the game quickly
Showpath no fog
Make it so builds faster
Fastdemo makes warcraft2 fights scenes between games pop up faster
Day displays FIEF on screen
Netprof lazers show in back round
Hatchet chopes wood faster

Disco will play the hidden track on the disk. you need the expanson C.D
Spycob 5000 oil
Title Increases the speed of the unites

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