Billz Computers :-)

Bill went on a shopping spree... actually picked up four of these babies! And I'm ready to order the extra processors... already installed the 9.1 Gig Hard Drives and 512 meg of RAM!!! Woo hoo!

Compaq Proliant 850R Pentium Pro 200MHz 32MB
No Hard Drive/8X CD-ROM/10-100 NIC

The Compaq ProLiant 850R is a high performance workgroup server for workgroup and remote-office applications with uptime features unmatched in its class.

A Pentium Pro 200MHz processor with dual processing capability (1 processor included) provides exceptional performance, and the hot plug drive ability delivers increased uptime. A Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 controller offer increased performance with plenty of headroom for growing network demands.

Now this is what I call "Hard Geekin"...
In addition to this stuff, I have a flatbed scanner, digital camera, stand-alone cd rom copier, 1200 dpi HP Laser Printer, HP Color Deskjet Printer, and 486 120 mhz (not currently in use).

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