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Let me give you a quick brief on what Fry's Electronics is... it's a computer and electronics super store (or should I say "stupid store").

They have everything you could possibly want for computers and electronics... but the good stuff ends there. Their employees couldn't tell you how to find anything if they had a map! IF you are lucky enough to even get their attention! Perhaps lucky is the wrong word... ha ha ha!

I did a section where I found better prices on Fry's weekly best buys... cause after all, they are guaranteed! Yea, right!!! They don't match prices from the web! So, without further ado, take me to

Fry's Best Buy Challenge

First I am going to list the problems with Fry's and then I will rant about the times I've been there...


  1. Unknowledgeable Staff
  2. Bait and Switch Advertising
  3. Long Lines at the Register
  4. Long Waits at Return Counter
  5. Customer Support, what's that!
  6. Parking

Horror Stories

These are my accounts of SEVERAL of the times I've had problems at Fry's... there are others that are not as interesting, or I just plain forgot them... if I remember any new stories I will add them here later.

The Case of the Unconfigured Laptop

Circa 1985
I brought my father to Fry's to buy a laptop because he wanted to get into computers. It was pretty nice, cost about $2500. So we get home and I go to install the PCMCIA modem so he could get on the internet and the laptop is not loaded with PCMCIA Cardslot Drivers... so we couldn't even load a card.

I go back to Fry's the very next day to get the drivers and after waiting at the customer support (ha) counter for 45 minutes, the tech tells me that he cannot help me unless I pay him $50 for a service charge. Remember that this is the day after spending nearly $3000 on the computer and peripherals. I told him that if they wouldn't load the drivers that I would return it... he didn't give a shit and told us to go ahead! I ended up getting the drivers (NOT from Fry's) and got the laptop working. Satisfaction Level: -9

The Ignorant Sales Associates

As you know if you've been following my website, I just picked up some new toys (Compaq Rackmount Servers)... I went to Fry's to pickup some RAM, Hard Drives, and a Rack to mount the computers. A) They didn't have the RAM... typical. B) The hard drives there cost much more than form reputable dealers on the internet (I will be listing them on my site soon). And C) It took me 15 minutes and 3 sales associates before I could even find the rack!

I went up to one salesman and asked for a rack... blank stare. "What's a rack?" I explain to him what it is and he brings me over to the plastic CD holders.... what a moron! So he says, "Let's look over here..." and I tell him nevermind, I will find it myself.

I go to another sales associate, let's just call her Moronica... I ask for a rack,,, blank stare for 10 seconds, then... we don't carry them! I tell her that I've seen them at the store before they moved locations... "oh, a rack..." she says... followed by a blank stare for 10 more seconds. I ask "Do you know what a rack is?", Moronica says "No". Real Shock!!!

I look to her left and there is a guy who seems somewhat intelligent, so I ask him for a rack to mount my 4 Compaq rackmount servers... he promptly brings me over to the rack mount enclosures... "NO!!! I need the RACK that THOSE screw into!!!", I'm getting a bit frustrated at this point. He brings me over to the racks, they have 2, heavy and light duty models costing $129 and $159... both of which are good deals. I decide that I want the heavy duty one, but I'm waiting another week or so to buy it... but after my experience in the next story, I will be buying it somewhere else...

The Advertisement From Hell

Don't expect to go to Fry's and buy anything that's advertised in their weekly advertisements... I call them the Bait and Switch Times! I went their to pickup a SCSI hard drive that they had advertised for $199. The ad stated that it was Ultra Wide SCSI 1 inch high.... I get there and they try to pass off an old 2 inch high drive for the one advertised. The little "Fry's Product Number" matched the one in the ad, but the picture was different and everything! To get a comparable drive to the one advertised I would have had to spend $379!!! Needless to say I didn't buy ANYTHING and am not going back to Fry's EVER!!!

Do you have a horror story about Fry's that you would like to share with the world? Contact me and I will post it for the world to see!

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