Although the title says "Part 3", this was our 6th visit this year...
(can you say totally addicted to faire)
I do enjoy hanging out without the camera sometimes ya know! ;-)

Kim and Bill (hey, that's me!)

Wes and Barbara

Sara and Sam

Lady Hannah

Jahna Banana
Self Appointed High Priestess of All Fruits Yellow

Lord Sir Edwin Stewart

Lady Anna Stewart, Lady Frances, and Roger Dee

Jas and SaraRose O'Growney

The Bronx Elf

Another of The Bronx Elf

The washer women sang to us...

and sang... and sang... and it was GREAT!

This is the strangest thing...
a dragonfly landed on this stained glass dragonfly...

... and it was even the same color!

Ye Olde Authentic Thatch Cottage!

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