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Welcome to my little slice of heaven on the web! I have been going to Ren-Faire for the past three years... got hooked and now I can't get away from it. I imagine that Faire will take up a good part of the rest of my year life!

The Ren-Faire Infocenter
  • Ren Faire Glossary
  • Ren Faire FAQ
  • Ren Faire FAQ - Costuming for Faire
  • Ren Faire FAQ - Suppliers List
  • Meet and Greet
  • Ren Faire FAQ - SCRIBE
  • So, you want to work the faire?
  • The Medieval and Renaissance Theme Wedding FAQ
  • You Know You've Spent Too Much Time at Faire When....

Wilhelm's Landsknecht Page
Pictures and stuff from my adventures with St. Maximilians
The AFR Ren-Geek Gallery
Pictures of the folks you talk to everyday on AFR

A collection of ALL the Novato pictures for 98' in frames with thumbnails. If you look here, you don't need to look at the next four sections!

Pix from 98' Faire at Novato taken on August 29th!
Pix from Wench Walk on August 29th!
Pix from 98' Faire at Novato taken on 8/15!
Pix from 98' Faire at Novato!

Pix from 97' Faire at Novato!

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