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This section is all about becoming a CCNA... we are just a couple of guys going towards becoming CCNA's and have put together this little daily exercise to help motivate us and our coworkers. We hope that you enjoy this and if you have any questions about becoming a CCNA feel free to Contact Us

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Bill Mihan has been involved with computers for 20 years. By the age of 12, he was programming Apple II's. He spent nine years in the Air Force working with computers as an Electronic Warfare Systems Journeyman and some time as a Computer Operator and Technician in the 10 Intelligence Squadron at Langley Virginia. After leaving the Air Force, Bill pursued his dreams working with computers as a Desktop Publisher, LAN Engineer, Webmaster, and most recently as a WAN Engineer. In addition to working as a WAN Engineer, Bill owns and operates three business's.
Don Taylor started programming computers back when the TRS-80 was considered a viable platform --- 1982. He continued programming in various languages throughout high school and college, and then dropped out of the technology arena for a while to study linguistics abroad. After a stint in the Marine Corps where he worked with such technological marvels as the M-60 and the Mark-19, he got started in the desktop publishing industry where he first learned the need for well designed networks. After focusing his attention on learning the basics of LAN and WAN technology, he developed this new passion and now works as a WAN engineer full time, and has earned the degrees of CCNA, CCDA, and Certified Videoconferencing Engineer.

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