FreeBSD Newbie FAQ

This is a page full of the questions that I have as a newbie... this is stuff that I need to know as I learn and the list will expand over time. Enjoy.

How do I change directories?
Use the CD command. (eg. cd .. brings you up one folder, while cd / will bring you to the root folder)

How do I see who's logged into my computer?
Use the who command.

How do I delete files?

How do I copy files?

How do I administer FTP?

How do I administer Sendmail?

How do I configure Apache?

How do I configure MySQL?

How do I configure PHP3?

How do I see current configuration?

How do I check all user accounts?

How do I disable a user account?

How do I delete a user account?

How do I add a use account?
Use the adduser command.

How do I configure SSH?

How do I change the date and time?
Use the date command. (eg. date 8506131627 will change the date and time... date 1627 will only change the time)

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