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Well, it's August 15th... I've been playing with FreeBSD for all of 2 days. I had installed it once a week ago, but couldn't figure anything out so I went over to Pete's house so that Cal could help me install and configure FreeBSD. I went over on Friday night and watched Cal install while I watched his every move... hoping that I would be able to install it again on my own. Well, I did attempt to install FreeBSD later that night by myself and got close to completing the install without help. Well, now I NEED help!

I quickly realize that I don't know enough about FreeBSD to install and configure it by myself. I bring the computer back to Cal on Saturday so I could get some assistance. Everything is now installed, but I still don't know how to use the computer!

As I have questions in my quest to learn, I will add them to the FreeBSD Newbie FAQ

Here are a couple links to killer resources at FreeBSD.Org
The FreeBSD Handbook

Links to FreeBSD tutorials: (Links taken from FreeBSD.Org)

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