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Who's Watching Who?
This Perilous Times page brings you comprehensive in-depth information on your privacy invasion and other bizarre and maybe scary things that are going on around you.

Find out where Big Brother may be lurking


------- something to read and think about while you're waiting for the page to load. But first let us say that we require no password or other things to keep you from your journey of seeking this information. There are two cookies on this page as you come in and they are to track visitors and do not track who you are, just gives a count. While you are here, we don't pressure you or dazzle your visit. This site would like you to learn something so we stick to the subject. Stay as long as you want and when you had enough, thanks for the visit.

Check out these links and get an education about who's spying on who and all the high tech and other weird stuff monitoring you. Lots of folks are out there wanting to know all they can about you. No one is exempt - not even the President. Your wealth or high position won't help you as you are just more likely to be targeted. Because if it isn't Big Brother watching, it's crooks & scam artists (ask Bill Gates), stalkers (ask Steven Speilberg), terrorists, hackers, voyeurs, your boss, your spouse, or those who would engage in industrial espionage. Scary propositions. No one is going to stop time from moving forward with these social changes but you might want to do something to protect yourself. Don't think you can buy your way out of it though. It's all a matter of being aware of what goes on around you. That's what Perilous Times is all about and is pleased to present this information to you about your privacy.

Surveillance / Privacy

One of the links on this page shows where every car that enters London is electronically checked with license plate monitoring technology to watch anyone as they travel around town. The cameras turn on for an additional look. Today, more than 250,000 cameras are in place throughout the United Kingdom. This works out to 1 camera for every 240 citizens. At this ratio, the US will need 1,100,000 or more cameras just for the public sector. So if you want to make some money, invest in camera stocks and/or recording tapes. Try and figure out how many cameras will be watching you each day as you travel around. Then there's the advanced FLIR infra-red cameras that can see through your wooden walls and windows from miles away. So try not to put yourself in any strange positions. Whoops, I meant situations. The privacy invaders want you under their control and now high-tech can do it very very easily.

Soon we’ll be like the folks in Singapore who are fined a couple of hundred dollars if they forget to flush the public toilet (this is true for the first offence - to teach them manners from their wallet). They will know who it is because the camera has been watching. Did you know that it is NOT against federal and most state laws for someone to covertly place a camera INSIDE your house or other places to record what is going on without you knowing it or you giving them permission? It is only against the law to record the conversations. Ever wonder why your hard drive goes into overdrive when you access certain web pages? The commies used to have someone on every block to see what the neighbors were up to but now it can be done from thousands of miles away. Your privacy has just about bitten the dust.

Here's where the voyeurs and a few other folks are watching what you search for at: Web Crawler (AOL)......Magellan voyeur....... MetaSpy...... and maybe others. Won't be long before they trace it back to you. Or have they? The NSA listens for code words in overseas telephone calls so no reason they wouldn't do it on the WEB and then home in on your computer with their Cray Supercomputers to see what you are interested in. Probably doing it with your e-mail too. So it would be wise for companies to get some PGP if they have trade secrets to keep. Anyway, it's interesting to check it out.

Conspiracies / UFO's

There are links that will lead you to conspiracies about Secret Societies, shadow governments, etc. A lot of them deal with government coverups of drugs, murder, and political manipulation. From what I've read, the CIA gets drugs in from other countries (mainly to set-up third world politicians they want to get rid of when the time is ripe), and then when the drugs are in the USA, the DEA and the police arrest the user and put them in prison. Sting time heaven keeps many government people working. There's more people in prison in the USA then in any other country in the world with 60% of them drug related non-violent non-intrusive crimes. It's been said that a teen can score drugs faster than their parents can travel to the liquor store. Makes you wonder where our country is heading with this narco-politic mentality. Print out some of these sites and read them later at your leisure.

UFO's are fake. They have been identified for years.

New World Order / Militias

The New World Order is almost here and monarchies & dictatorships are being busted up. Along the same line, it makes us wonder which religion will come out the winner? You may have thought that things are supposed to get better as civilization progresses but they are not going to as far as your individual freedom and privacy is concerned. It is much easier for the master to compromise and control individual politicians in a democracy than it is to control a dictator or a monarch. For now though the master, some politicians, and certain other countries are having a turf battle over who's going to control you while they spend your money to do it. Things are being prepared for your new millenium.

Is the common man in a militia for his health? Or is he doing some heavy watching for all of us to ensure that the Constitution remains intact? Check out the other countries bases on our soil and why the defence secretary thinks the army may soon be patrolling our streets. "1984" is catching up to us.

Hackers / Anarchy

Are hackers watching Big Brother? Read in the paper awhile back that there are a few of the mature ones that dedicate themself to checking out Big Brother from the back door to see if he's doing us wrong. Is this where some 'leaks' are coming from? Or are they coming from the watchers who watch the watchers. Suppose to be a few of them around.

Noticed a lot of anarchy pages coming on line. Who's doing this, young folks who are getting fed up with Big Brother's lies, tricks, and double standards? Has our society degraded itself into only making money or titulating on what the President does in his private life that they don't have time for their kids? Latch key kids who have time on their hands and directing it into the wrong areas? Lot of guns floating around and are these kids going to revolt and be using them on you when you retire? Maybe it's time Big Brother instills some trust that these teens can look up to or don't our officials pay any attention to this social phenomenon that is alienating a lot of young people? These kids are our future.

Good Luck

The CIA's counter-intelligence guru James Jesus Angleton said it was a wilderness of mirrors didn't he. Now a days it's information overload. Our cumulative knowledge of the world we live in is doubling every 4 years and by the year 2005 it will be every 37 days. How are you going to be able to keep up with it all? There will be so many social changes coming up in the next decade that your mind is going to boggle.

The question is, 'how can you tell what's being told to you is real and what isn't'? Or are you just going to believe it? Who's agenda is the right one for all of us? Perilous Times feels that the only guide you can rely on is the good old original unmanipulated U.S. Constitution.

Over 225 links containing the best on the subject matter. They are in random order and they will connect you to 10,000's of other privacy pages to keep you informed of your slow but sure evolving privacy loss. 99% of the links are alive. So pull up a chair and spend the weekend. Check out the unanswered questions at the bottom of the page. When you're finished, good luck with the rest of your life.

This disclaimer constitutes an ability on your part to stay out if you are already happy with what is happening to your privacy.

Best washed down with

The US Constitution Love it or leave it. In case you forgot.
First Amendment Cyber-Tribune first amendment information
First Amendment Handbook. journalists need to check this one out
The Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press
Major Media Working for Big Brother by L. Fletcher
Free America An on-line journal dedicated to the preservation of American Freedom and Independence
Plutonium on the Internet Did you know there will soon be more plutonium in world commerce than in all of the world’s nuclear weapons?
Scientists in Black source: Scientific American
Law & Privacy from the Disaster Center
Children’s Privacy Electronic Privacy Information Center
The CIA & Clipper softwar
Exposing the Global Surveillance System by Nicky Hager
The Privacy Pages with breaking news
Censorship Items the censors don’t want you to see
Unsorted crypto links from Denmark
Information and Privacy from Berkely
Surf Point’s Privacy directory
PLPR’s World-Wide Privacy Guide
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Cookies and Privacy Netscapes FAQ about cookies
How Web Server’s Cookies Threaten Your Privacy From Junkbusters
Privacy Rights and Issues A to Z
Computer Security Links Plenty to check out at IBM’s Emergency Respose Service
Alternatives to the New World Order Take a look
Links Mega
Internet sites for freedom lovers from Tyranny to Pinko’s.
Organized Crime Threatens the New World Order From NameBase
Other WWW Sites links to Crypto-Orientated Servers
taxBombers’ Site & Internet Offshore Center These folks are taking their privacy somewhere else
Patriots on the Web NWO to General
Neil’s Security and Privacy Resources Good Job
The Codebreakers Page of Neil's (above link)
The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor The Red Chinese Targeting of America
Insight on the News - Online Investigative reports
Twenty-Five ways to Suppress Truth The Rules of Disinformation
America’s Fortress of Spies Baltimore Sun
Computer Security at RENSSELAER
CPSR Wiretap Laws and Procedures
US General Accounting Office Charged with examining matters relating to the receipt and disbursement of public funds, audits, and evaluation of Goverment programs. The folks thats trying to save your tax dollars. Keep up the good work guys.
The Black Vault UFO info. Still watching each other.
Foreign Intelligence Recruitment Approaches meaning - keep your mouth shut. Don't give away our trade secrets.
Domestic Surveillance The history of Operation CHAOS
Mind Control Forum Plenty to look at here Their alien’s page
Investigative eJOURNAL Current stories
“Beastly Implants” implanted microchips
Information Operations A New War-Fighting Capability
scanning reference frequency band plans
National Counterintelligence Center your perusal
Virus Bulletin Home Page prevention,regognition, and removal
Spy Power Boost for Secret Station Satellite move clears way for phone taps
Waites Web World How to find out anything you ever wanted to know about anybody. Tons of information and searches. Use it wisely.
Intelligence The Soldier Spies (from Time Magazine)
How electronic encryption works and how it will change your business
Who’s Watching Big Brother Information Week On-Line
Wired Magazine The cameras are coming and other info. Good article on who should be allowed to view the cameras that are being set up.
Plugged in Politics Privacy on the Net is a public concern
Privacy links whos’ watching
New World Order The Omega Agency. This one sounds real scary.
Privacy The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
The suppression of Technology from Patriot Knowledge Base updated almost daily
Welcome to Rancho Runnamukka at the end of the information goat path
Best Conspiracy Theories and Unreported Truths on the Web
Dog’s World “Paranoid” Surfer
Government Control more conspiracy
Ruling Class, Conspiracy, Control still more conspiracy
The Satellite Encyclopedia devoted to unmanned artificial earth satellites
The Militia Watchdog with profiles
Coup d’etat in America Secret history screws with your mind until you come to your senses
Remote Viewing/Mind Control Web Index
BASIC British American Security Information Council
Communications and Surveillance various links to companies and groups related to communications and surveillance systems, especially the portable and concealable kind
Equinox’s Link Page UFO’s
NCAC National Coalition Against Censorship
The Clipper Chip forget everything you learned about protecting your privacy
Rendezvous Point The site intended to make you think
The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists The folks who find out the info on your hard drive. Can locate and unscramble hidden data.
Computer Evidence - Law Enforcement Liabilities dealing with computer evidence processing
US Department of Justice Guidelines for searching and seizing computers
InTERRORgation The CIA’s Secret Manual on Coercive Questioning
The Arc-Hive Big Brother and other invasions of privacy
Big Brother Covets the Internet The internet offers intelligence agencies an amazing.......................
wiretap Information related to wiretapping
Human Rights in the New World Order by Noam Chomsky
Big Brother Web Site Contents government, dictatorships, freedom
Thinking Magazine The voice of the Nerd Liberation Movement
The Crimes of Mena from Penthouse Magazine
The Crimes of Mena Bush’s early CIA experience
The CIA By the end of the 1980’s it was calculated that the illegal use of drugs in the US has now netted it’s controllers over $110 billion a year. Maybe this is the long awaited trickle down effect we used to hear about. Less taxes to pay? Or is it going in someones pocket?
Drug Enforcement Administration Intelligence reports. OK now lets see, how am I going to catch the real ones without the CIA stepping on me? Maybe my only friend in this business is the Customs Service.
Money Laundering from FATF - Public report. No doubt related to the link above.
DEA agents accuse American spies of spying on them Watching each other? Oh well, we can't fight city hall so lets just keep putting the little guys in jail so we can keep our jobs.
security resource net’s library from the National Security Institute
Trojan Horse within America Read about the foreign bases on US soil
NEW AMERICA China takes over former US Navy shipyard COSCO caught shipping 87 pounds of heroin - related to link above
China & Clinton a history
Behind the Iron Curtain Enemy bombs hidden in US? Are we being blackmailed? Seems that Russia keeps on getting a few bucks from us.
Snow Job The CIA, Cocaine, and someone you know
Agency of fear Opiates and political power in America
The Gemstome Files read for yourself
Conspiracy News A nation of well informed men......................
The US Defense Secretary Predicts the Army will soon patrol US streets
The Secret Government A covenant with death (MJ-12)
Scientology’s Secret Service watching you?
Intelligence Web Link KGB/CIA/FBI/OSS/FAS/DEA/DIA etc
The New World Order Intelligence Update
Conspiracy Assasination Sites Everything JFK
Web O’Conspiracy The government controls all possible areas of dissent
Codex: How To Surveillance Tricks of the Trade Ever wonder how they do that?
Project Censored They explore and publicise the extent of censorship in our society
Big Brother on the Internet Cyber-Reality Check
Konspiracy Korner Conspiracy theorists are such lovable creatures
Why the Internet Threatens the World By Wallace Wang
Intelligence and Counterintelligence More links to browse
INFO Security The magazine for the protection of information
Privacy and Civil Liberties From CPSR
Senate Vote on Wiretapping How your elected officials voted. From the ACLU In Congress
Is Big Brother Watching? Find out where you came from The definitive web site for Information Warfare and Information Security
Bugging Frequencies turn on your scanner
$pying for Uncle Sam Economic Intelligence
Touching Big Brother How biometric technology will fuse flesh and machine
Big Brother goes High-Tech By David Banisar
Reactionary Forces Link Up In Militias Even has a profile on our great American hero Bo Gritz
Reforming U.S. military secrecy Good page.
Freedom of Information (FOI) Sites on the Internet From open societies around the world. Whoops, my black ink bottle spilled on your document. Sorry about that.
ParaScope Something strange is happening.
American Patriot Network Dedicated to the U.S. Constitution
Net Security and Net Law “ have to believe it’s safe”
Government Coverups Check it out.
Technological Surveillance in the Workplace including some court decisions
U.S. and Texas Law on Independent Militias The US Constitution guarantees certain rights
Kim-Spy Page 1 Military & Political
Kim-Spy Page 2 Paramilitary & Terrorism
Kim-Spy Page 3 Non-Military
Security: Internet, Computer and Privacy. Listings for Privacy, PGP,Crypto, Security
Conspiracy With links to discussion groups
You are being watched The ins and outs of personal privacy
The Privacy Pages PGP related software, Articles & Periodicals, Legal Archive
Big Brothers Check List Big Brother expands his list
Conspiracy Web The web site for paranoids
Cryptography Trying to keep it secret
The Great Big Privacy Page links to Privacy, Anonymity, & Security documents
Privacy International A watchdog on surveillance by government & corporations
Greenpeace International They watch everything for you
US Domestic Covert Operations They're letting you know what the government is capable of
Shortwave Spy Numbers Stations A repository of information
Big Brother is Listening His turn to listen
US National Militia Directory Unofficial Web pages by State
EPIC Online Guide to Privacy Resources A project of the Fund for Constitutional Government
Aldrich H Ames An assestment of the CIA's role. Hmmm, not watching the right people? Either that or he was another one of those double or triple moles. Think they can set up a camera in his cell so we can see if he really is there all the time? When that other so called rouge ex-CIA dude that was supposed to be selling explosives to Libya was interviewed by Larry King about ten years ago, he came out of his cell for the interview in a suit. And that was supposed to be at the highest maximum prison.
North Korean Spy Operations Looks like its time for these folks to join the rest of the world and get a good meal under their belt. So get with it Kim or whatever your name is, seeing as how your sub commanders can't drive straight -probably from a lack of food.
Area 51 Watching each other?
The National UFO Reporting Center Report it or go to jail. There actually is a law that says you have to report them.
The New Hacker's Dictionary Table of Contents
The Spy Zone Is many things to many people
New World Order From the Web Zone
The use of Spies Saves us money$
Company Spies From Mother Jones
Project on Government Secrecy From the Federation of American Scientists
Germ Warfare The hall of shame
EFF "Privacy, Security, Crypto, & Surveillance Archive" With alerts & an index search
US Militia America's last line of defence
The Hacker Crackdown Law & Disorder on the Electronic Frontier
Government Technical Sites Checking your DNA & other things
Oregon Photo Radar Law The law gets you coming or going, speeding or not, depending on what they want to see. Asset forfeiture cars are parked and pointed at an angle to view the entire roadway, full of high tech equipment, finding the right spots to place the equiptment permenently.
InPhoto Surveillance Nationwide Investigative Company has hi-tech devices to aim at you
Police Surveillance of traffic in London Very interesting. Now being added to a roadway near you.
Final Report: Automated Enforcement Pilot Project for the Capital Beltway: Feasability of Photo-Radar
Mega Security Links Childproofing, Firewalls, PGP, Research, etc.
Center for International Trade & Security From the University of Georgia
ERRI Intelligence Reports Tactics, drugs, threats, etc.
Army Internet Intelligence Servers Collateral intelligence processing
Intelligence on the Web Also from the Federation of American Scientists
Strategic Intelligence From Loyola University
COAST Hotlist (mega) Computer Security, Law, & Privacy
High Tech Today Interview with Phil Zimmerman (PGP)
Smart Cards Called tool of Big Brother
Big Brother is Watching You News from England on ID cards
Wiretapping 101 Wiretapping & Bugging Devices
Types of Wiretaps Bugs & Methods
United States Code US Federal Surveillance Laws
Court Ordered Electronic Surveillance A letter from Louis J. Freeh
Unseen Espionage in Canada A brief history
New World Order Cabals & Conspiracies
Cypherpunk Big Brother's place
Counterintelligence Home Page From TSCM.COM
The National Security Archive Lots to look at here
Leading Edge Information Database System
propaganda Table of contents
The Alliance to Expose Government Corruption and Corporate Crime
Corruption in America Where ever it may be found
Dark Alliance The story behind the crack explosion
Nicaruguan Contras and Cocaine Selections from the Senate Committee Report


Now that you looked through the above links, did you learn anything new? You may have looked at and visited some of these links in depth or just as a reminder that Big Brother and others are getting into your life in ways you may not want. As you travel down the highway, enter a store, make an ATM withdrawal, send a fax, talk on your cell phone, sit in your living room, and other ways as you have seen, you may no doubt be watched and monitored. If you are important enough, it will be with a satellite or maybe a Seal Team.

We, the people, are for justice and liberty for all. Best not forget it.

If the Constitution goes, so goes America.

local police

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Need more information?
The links in 'Who's Watching Who?' have been selected to bring you the best of what is going on around you as far as your privacy and freedom is concerned ( looks like everyone is watching everybody and Big Brother appears to be the most paranoid of them all ). If you desire more information or to do your own research, just click on the search word(s) that have been pre-set for you.

The EXCITE search engine is used because it helps you refine your search with very little trouble. It also gives you the latest news on some of these subjects.

Privacy Surveillance Conspiracy Intelligence Militias
Spies Mind Control Big Brother Hackers Wiretapping
Photo Radar Espionage Propaganda Censorship Encryption
Satellites Secrecy Spy Frequencies Drug Smuggling Money Laundering
CIA Red China New World Order later use US Constitution

Unanswered questions

Does England rule the world making Texas a wannabe? Did England give Hong Kong the 'bird' when they left? What's happened to the asian economy since then?

Did North Vietnam supply the concrete for the port facilities at Cam Ran Bay in South Vietnam DURING the war?

Is the S&L ripoff money now being used in the stock market? Are the drug cartels involved in the stock market? Do we want them to? Where are their profits going?

Is or was Castro a CIA mole?

Did the Hubble Space Telescope map the earth (and your house) for two years in super detail before it was supposedly fixed?

Think of this scenario. What if the meteor that was supposed to come within 30,000 miles of earth in thirty years is really going to do just that? Would not this disrupte our ecomony and other things that the government doesn't want you to panic over? (a new 'commission' was set up to over see astronomers from informing the public about any future comets coming close - without their approval.) If it does happen, who's going to survive, the rich or the poor?

Are there still some grand communist schemes yet to be unleashed on the world? Is the CIA or FBI checking on fifth columnists that may have arrived from supposedly ex-communist countries? Who's watching them?

Is Big Brother going to bring you "1984" Orwellian high tech two way TV monitoring into your living room when conventional TV sets are obsolete in 8 or 9 years?

Y2K bug: Take this simple test. Set the time on your home computer to December 31, 1999 @11:59pm. Turn it off for a couple of minutes and then turn it back on. I have a pentium with Win95 and when I tried it, it came back as 1980. What about yours.

The US Govt is on a July fiscal year as are some companies, therefore, the Y2K problems could start as early as February of 1999 for some business's fiscal year when they set up their fiscal year accounting programs (ie Feb-99 - Feb-00). Will the Y2K problem lead us into martial law when everything comes crashing down? Good way for the New World Order (say CFR) folks to get a firmer grip on you.