Virus Alert!!!

The latest virus to hit, that is most dangerous, is the W32.Blaster.Worm. If you've got some RPC errors and your computer is shutting down by itself, you are probably infected. Use the following link to repair your computer.

Sytamtec's Blaster Worm Removal Tool

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All I have to say is THIS VIRUS IS NASTY!!!!!

SYMPTOMS: Unable to run self extracting zip files

This virus will WIPE OUT your hard drive and could kill your bios!!!
More info about the virus can be found at:

  1. Download Antiviral Toolkit Pro from and install... do not select for it to start on boot! Now you must reboot.
  2. DO NOT CUT.... YOU MUST COPY c:\windows\explorer.exe, c:\windows\taskmon.exe, and c:\windows\system\systray.exe to a temporary directory. (you must do this because AVP will not clean the files while they are in use!)
  3. Press CTRL-ALT-DELETE on your keyboard and end task on all programs until the only three applications running are EXPLORER.EXE, TASKMON.EXE, AND SYSTRAY.EXE. This step is crucial!
  4. Now run Antiviral Toolkit Pro and scan of all your hard drives with disinfect automatically checked under the ACTIONS tab.
  5. From the START menu, select SHUTDOWN, then select RESTART IN MSDOS MODE.
  6. Once you are at a DOS prompt, copy explorer.exe and taskmon.exe back to c:\windows, and copy systray.exe back to c:\windows\system.

Now you can reboot your pc and be free of the Win95.CIH.1019 virus! I suggest you run the virus software once more to ensure that the virus is gone.

Virus cleaning instructions courtesy of Bill Mihan. I can be Contacted Here or check out my website at

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