Wasteland Warriors
EX-PKK Guild

We are no longer a guild... just don't have the time to commit to it anymore. The game is still cool, and I like this part of my site, so I'm leaving it here... plus you can still download the trainer.

Diablo is one of the coolest games ever created... unfortunately, many people have decided to become PK's, or Player Killers, and kill others that are trying to have fun, instead of helping them win. Well, we WERE a group of people who WENT around killing PK's, we WERE PKK's!!!

If you would like to apply for a membership in the guild, it's too late.... we're gone... sorry... there are many guilds in the game.

We have a ranking system based on number of PK's you kill, and offer special merit awards for killing real jerks!

In addition, we will display your name and the names of the PK's you killed on our PK's that we killed page.

Good luck, and happy PK hunting...

Guild Members

Tools the Guild uses

PK's Suck,
so we make them dead!
The list of lamer PK's that we killed!

Just for the record, I would like to say...

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